Thursday, April 26, 2007

The mysterious comment

Well, I can't guarantee what I write will be good.. however I can start with a story about what constitutes reporting a IT problem in the gentleman next door's mind.

I'm here in Plainfield IL, at an undisclosed customer location. Generally I show up two days a week, one if I'm lucky, to address issues that have queued up that can only be solved by onsite work.

This morning, as I passed this particular gentleman in the hall, he said, with a haughty tone, "Undeliverable to the company, eh?"

"Umm.. what?" was my response.

"Uhhhhhhhh huhhhhhh!" he said, as he passed by, turning into his office.

Now, I spent the next couple minutes pondering what just occurred. The gentleman in question has approached me before with claims of undeliverable E-mail, which I have solved each time by finding nothing wrong, or finding user error. Was this his way of reporting an issue? I pondered. Undeliverable to the company.. did he send an Email to the entire company? Or to another individual in the company? Did it disappear into Email never-never land? Or did it bounce back as undelieverable? Did he take the time to read the error message on the undeliverable report? Had he spelled a name incorrectly? Or had he attached a large file?

In the end, I decided not to care. If the best he can do is make a vague, mildly insinuating comment implying I somehow made the server reject his inter-office Email, then I was better off continuing to my original destination: the kitchen, where terribly bitter black coffee awaited.

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