Sunday, May 13, 2007

Floor plan of new apartment

One of the many reasons I adore Jessica so much is that she has this tendency to swoop in on something which I consider myself knowledgeable and totally show me up with little or no experience.

Take this floor plan, for instance. I've used Microsoft Visio for, at my best guess, 3-4 years. Visio is a sort of a poor man's architectural, drawing, and process diagramming suite. It's pretty fancy, providing you aren't designing a skyscraper or writing software to run a power plant. I started using it in college for Systems Analysis. It integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and will create real software code based on the drawings you create.

Anyways, guess who became a Visio expert in the span of only a few minutes?

We created this floor plan of our new apartment (click to enlarge). Be warned that the scale may be a little off, and our mental details might have lapsed and/or erred towards the "remember how cool this feature was" side.


Liz said...

Any time I hear the word adore and Jessica in the same sentence I'm a happy woman! Great rendition of the apartment.

Jessica said...

Jason is being too sweet - I did get the hang of the Visio basics (probably because I have some background in desktop publishing and graphic design) but I'm pretty sure he's still much fancier at it than I am!