Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I had forgotten about this blog already (bad sign) but was delighted to remember it while trying to make myself study for my 3pm midterm. The class is awful, as is the professor, so the incentive to study hard just isn't there. It's also a gorgeous day out, but at least I'm sitting next to a huge window in the library.

After this midterm I have a take-home essay midterm and a problem set due Thursday. Then a bit of a break before another midterm next Thursday. Then, hopefully, the rest of the quarter will fly by and it will be summer. Ahhhhh, summer. Can't wait to see what it's like in Chicago!

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Robert said...


I don't know where the procrastination thing comes from but I'm sure glad that I don't suffer from it!

We'll see if I am able to actually post my response. I assume that the Google Account will get me through but I don't know. This is my first "official" response to a blog posting so this is sort of a new trick for this "old dog"!