Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blog resurgance, Hollywood style

We just made it back from California! Boy are my arms tired. Luckily my fingers still work.

We've been catching some flack from all sides lately about the shocking absence of blog activity, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to kick things back up again with a quick California trip synopsis.

Wednesday night we headed out for LA from Chicago Midway, where after four hours of a jimmy leg sufferer's worst nightmare, we finally arrived. Arthur and Liz picked us up from LAX.

Thursday morning we were treated to a great tour of the city, including trips through Malibu and Hollywood. One of my favorite point-outs came from Liz, who showed us the bar where Mel Gibson began his drunken adventure that resulted in a national crisis over his racial slurs to LA's finest. We stopped at the Chinese theater and had lunch at the Farmer's Market.

Friday we went whale watching, which was great other than the fact that I found out that I'm susceptible to sea sickness. However, our master tour guide Arthur, a Naturalist Volunteer that does these tours quite frequently, made it completely worth it as we saw Blue Whales, Sea Lions, and a Dolphin mega pod. Jessica was so excited she even put Diesel fuel in Liz's Honda.

Saturday was spent hanging out with Jess's brother Ben, and a lovely trip to the beach where Jessica and I spent the afternoon lounging in the sand and got to watch the sun set into the ocean as we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Sunday, we headed up to the Griffith Observatory and took in a planetarium show, which might have been more amazing had it not been 110 degrees on the mountain above LA. We met Jessica's friend Krista in Santa Monica and had real west coast sushi before heading out to a few pubs to enjoy the evening.

And finally, Monday, we took a final drive down the coast on the way to the Airport. We snagged exit row seats on the airplane so we could stretch out on the way back to Chicago, and hopped a cab to polish off our vacation in style, instead of spending an hour on the train at 11:00.

Jessica is asleep, but my mind still thinks it is only 10:30. Ned showed us his new tricks that he learned while we were gone, including eating decorative bamboo and jumping onto a shelf in the Den that is not rated for his weight.

We'll post some pics when we get things straightened around. Cheers, and thanks to Arthur and Liz for being great hosts and allowing us to have a relaxing vacation.


Liz said...

Not only am I glad to see a blog update, I'm tickled to read your entertaining account of your visit! While Jess has been known to bring cool weather with her to Southern California, on this visit we broke a high temp record! Jason, you might want to know that today wouldn't have been any better a boat trip for you. Contact with a large swell on Arthur's trip this morning resulted in a broken ankle for some poor woman who lost her balance. They brought her back to land and the intrepid amongst them, who weren't satisfied with just seeing humpback whales, went back out to sea in search of the blue whales.

Arthur said...

Now this is the level of crisp journalism that your fans have come to expect. Sets the bar pretty high for Jessica though, doesn't it?
Loved having the two of you here.