Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our first summer in Chicago

The summer tourism season at the Jason & Jessica residence has drawn to a close. It was a rousing success, and the numbers say it all.

7 total visitors

Jason's friend Todd (May 11-13)
Jessica's mom (July 27-30)
Jason and Jessica's friends Leigh & Porter (August 10-14)
Jason's parents (August 24-26)
Jessica's dad (September 15 - 18)

3 visits to the Hancock building's 95th floor lounge for overpriced drinks and amazing views

2 visits to Promontory Point for views of the Chicago skyline and cool breezes off Lake Michigan

3 visits to the wedding site for a glimpse of what's to come

4 visits to local favorite Cafe Ballou

7 guests won over by Ned

Jason and Jessica also had their share of travels.

  • Jason visited Plymouth, MA three times for work. He also traveled to a suburb of Toronto. (Photo is of Mr. Stegs checking out Plymouth Rock)

  • Jessica visited her dad near Ithaca, New York to celebrate his retirement. (Photo is of Taughannock Falls, which is taller than Niagara Falls)

  • Jason and Jessica visited West Virginia to see family, friends and hike to the top of Seneca Rocks.

  • Jason and Jessica traveled to southern California to visit Jessica's mom and stepdad and brother, see dolphins and whales, drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, eat In-N-Out burgers, wade in the freezing Pacific, and get up close and personal with the Hollywood sign.


Arthur said...

Not a bad mix of comings and goings for one summer!

Liz said...

Liz said...
Actually that last post was mine not, Arthur's.