Friday, September 21, 2007

Wait Wait.. Don't Tell Me!

Last night we finally got to do another great Chicago activity - we took in a live recording of NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" Every year, the University of Chicago Harris School for Public Policy takes all of their new liberal elites to see a show before school starts. Jessica, now being a second year student, was able to take me this year because, well, I live here. Side note: as we mulled over whether nearby audience members were first year Harris schoolers, I came up with hazing rituals for her. One of them involves using a pretentious laugh and taunting a noobie that they probably can't even pronounce "Plaisance."

Anyways, the show was absolutely great. The panel members were Roxanne Roberts, Paul Provenza, and Paula Poundstone, all of which were hilarious. But the highlight for me certainly turned out to be Carl Kassel. I always enjoy starting my day with a good rundown of the news by Carl, so seeing him do the funny voices in person was great.

If you're interested, the broadcast of our show should air this Saturday morning, on your local NPR station.

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Arthur said...

I'll be listening. If I do can I have Jason or Jekassa on my answer machine?