Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's really cold outside. It was only around 5 all day today, and now it's negative one. I know this because I'm a dork and I announce the temperature to Jessica periodically throughout the day, thanks to the thermometer that she bought with the intention of monitoring the indoor temperature. Luckily it had a cord to also monitor the outdoor temperature, which I love. So yea, it's cold.

Also, I was so proud of my first attempt to bake gluten-free bread for Jessica, I had to post the result for everyone. We both agreed it's mighty tasty, and we're starting to get into the swing of her new diet. This morning we made salmon corn crepes, which were fantastic. Ned, of course, goes absolutely crazy when raw fish enters the kitchen.

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Robert said...


Nice job on the bread. I'm amused to see that we are "kindred spirits" when it comes to the temperature/weather reporting. My first experience with negative temperatures happened in your "neighborhood" many, many years ago. I was returning to Great Lakes from Long Island after Christmas. We often took a car service back to the base and I remembered asking the driver what the line was in front of the temperature that was posted on a billboard (on the way back from O'Hare). He chuckled as he "revealed" that it was minus 32 degrees! Other than Camden, NY (or an occasional ice fishing trip)I think that Chicago was the coldest weather I've ever experienced