Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chicago goes dark

We were on a rare trip to the 'burbs tonight, so we missed the big Earth Hour skyline darkening. By the time the Sears Tower came into view on 90/94, the spires were already lit up again. But here's what it looked like, and the CNN article to match. If you want to avoid reading the story - basically, a bunch of cities around the world turned off their lights to raise awareness for climate change.

So why were we in the suburbs? And in Skokie, no less? We met with a potential wedding photographer, who may be our winner. And we enjoyed a gluten-free dinner at Bonefish Grill, which culminated with the Great Zucchini Incident of 2008.

Well, to be specific - Jessica enjoyed a gluten-free dinner. Bonefish has a version of their menu on which they handily indicate which items are gluten free with a "GF." In small print at the bottom was a note about how all vegetables served with the entrees are gluten-free, except zucchini. Jessica happened to read this. She received her meal and happily dug into the fish and mashed potatoes. As she approached the vegetables with her fork, she realized they were, in fact, zucchini. She thought, "but they know I need a gluten-free meal, so this zucchini can't possibly have gluten!" But just in case, she waited until the waitress came by and asked. After a cryptic conversation it was revealed that the zucchini was, in fact, not gluten-free. (Something to do with some breadcrumbs in the tomato-based sauce). Apparently there's a button for gluten free on the computer and the waitress forgot to press it. The manager stopped by to apologize and offer some free GF Creme Brulee. You'll probably hear about the Zucchini Incident on CNN or something.

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Liz said...

You make me laugh. Everything is an entertaining adventure. Umm...creme brulee!