Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday Girl

So, as many of you have heard, we adopted a dog. Her name is Lindy and she is a former racing greyhound. Today was her sixth birthday and she stayed true to the promise that greyhounds don't mind wearing hats. (In fact, a picture of a greyhound wearing a similar hat in an ad on the wall in the Pittsburgh airport was one of the things that fueled Jason's greyhound fever).

After much back and forth and worry about what it would be like to have a dog in our apartment and what kind of dog would be best, we have found the most delightful companion. Lindy is an absolute sweetheart. She greets us happily, follows us (especially Jessica) from room to room and in general just likes to be around us. She likes to come up to us and stick her face near ours in order to get pet.

Today we took her to the dog park for the first time. Before we even got inside the gate we ran into a young man with a greyhound. We bonded and he gave us advice and the dogs got to say hi to each other. Once we were inside the park, Lindy did not take off racing as we thought she might, but rather made her way around the perimeter, checking out the other dogs and saying hi to the people. We have gotten used to what she looks like, but seeing her around all the other dogs, we were reminded how unique she is.

On the home front, Ned and Lindy are coexisting pretty peacefully. They are interested in each other, probably Ned more so than Lindy. There was one incident where Ned swatted her and she yelped, but other than that there has been a lot of him sneaking around checking her out. We were worried that he might be too upset by her presence but he has still been our buddy as well, and as snuggly and friendly as ever.

All in all, we are enjoying our little menagerie.


Liz said...

Once again Ned shows his most unique "everything is an adventure" view of life. You did a good thing rescuing a greyhound and Lindy sounds like she's happy to be in a loving home. Congratulations on a great match! (Was liking to wear hats a prerequisite?!)

Megan said...

oh my! I didn't know! Too cute...
Can't wait to see you in September!

Emily said...

seriously, i love this dog!