Monday, April 14, 2008

The neighborhood Goose Island closes down :(

I'll let Jessica write some dog news, as soon as she finishes filing her taxes. At 10:12. The day before they're due. Hey, I did mine this weekend.

Sadness swept through the Davis-Manvell-Ned-Lindy household (wait, Lindy?) upon the news of Jason's favorite restaurant in Chicago closing down at the end of the year. It also used to rate highly on Jessica's list before she was diagnosed as a Celiac and couldn't bear to hear Jason's conversations with the awesome bartenders about the beer samples. The brewpub can't afford its rent any longer, leaving MBAs in training like Jason (already almost at 30!) to trod up to Wrigleyville to finish their degrees. Nobody wants to fight through drunken Cubs fans to have a beer at the other, lamer Goose Island.

Oh well, we hardly knew ye, Goose Island, but here's to you. Cheers..

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