Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's go Mountaineers

Every year, I'm asked to contribute a season prediction for WVU's #1 fan site, Here it is:

In an historical final showdown against South Florida on December 6, 70,223 people cram into Mountaineer Field, breaking the previous attendance record by one person (Pat White's mojo is legally considered to be a second individual). The game is a barn-burning back-and-forth battle for Big East supremacy that rages until the fourth quarter, when fisticuffs ensue on the 30 yard line. The referees consider ejecting three members of both squads, until it is agreed that all involved parties will attend Christmas dinner at the Bill Stewart household for a stern talking-to and a round table discussion on family values and the true meaning of Christmas. The Mountaineers win it by a field goal, and go on to bring the National Championship home.

Prediction: 13-0, Pat White for Heisman and #1 pick in the NFL draft, Stewart for governor.

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